For long-term uninterrupted service of INPOWER diesel generator sets, as well as maintaining all the declared operating parameters, regular maintenance is required in accordance with the manufacturer's regulations. Timely contacting the service department of the manufacturer is one of the guarantees of the stable operation of the diesel generator sets. To ensure the declared performance and avoid breakdowns during operation, technical specialists carry out a number of activities on a warranty and post-warranty basis:

Preliminary diagnostics of systems, components and parts
Installation of diesel generator sets, casings and block containers
Start-up and commissioning of equipment
Connecting and starting additional equipment
Availability of a full range of spare parts
Emergency and backup power supply

Installing INPOWER diesel generator for a continuous cycle facility is one of the best ways to provide reliable back up power for uninterrupted operations. INPOWER diesel generators never disappoint investors in critical moments and is always best choice for critical fields of operation such as:

Government agencies
Military Structures
Data centers
Social facilities
Mining and processing industry

Maintenance and repair of INPOWER diesel generators, portable and electric generators includes all stages of diagnostics, replacement and preventive maintenance of parts, technical units and installation systems: from the replacement of process fluids and the renewal of consumables, to a complete repair of any degree of complexity.