Our core business is to supply diesel generators for continuous operation. When your choice is INPOWER brand generator it is guaranteed that you will benefit in many ways.

low fuel consumption, excellent power density, long service life and low maintenance costs
operation in extreme weather conditions, corrosion resistance
consumables and spare parts availability
7/24 technical support

INPOWER guarantees that emergency power needs will always be met with its premium quality products in all critical applications such as:

government agencies
defense industry
continuous cycle production facilities
data centers etc.

Power failures can cause irreparable damages in critical applications. Therefore these facilities need back-up systems which will guarantee that the activities will not be interrupted by any means. With our advanced monitoring systems we ensure that your generator will always be ready and in good condition when it is needed.


INPOWER has the experience and capability to design solutions from scratch for your unique requirements.

Our engineering background enables us to deliver units which will operate in most demanding environmental conditions. Whether the temperature is extremely low or sand storms are a threat for your equipment, we always come up with right solutions.


As our team has a unique experience in power generation industry we are one of the few companies in the sector which can offer hybrid solutions. If you have a solar farm project and if you need back up generators to get over intermittency problem, INPOWER is here to provide you with solution. Thanks to our know-how in hybrid applications we can offer you products which can easily be integrated to your solar system.

Our extensive spare parts list ensures that our service technicians always have the right spare parts on hand to perform maintenance, minor or major repairs, or equipment upgrades.
We offer a full range of customer support, and provide high-quality technical service for the equipment we produce, at every stage of its operation.
Wherever your generators are located, our service agents and distributors around the world can always provide you with the fastest, most professional, technical advice and services. For proper operation in accordance with the instruction manual, operators also need to carry out regular inspection, adjustment and cleaning of all parts to ensure trouble-free operation and maintenance over the long life of the machine. In addition, regular maintenance and repairs are helpful in preventing early wear of all parts.
The necessary spare parts are available for maintenance, minor or major repairs or equipment improvements. We offer a full range of support, and provide high-quality technical service for servicing our equipment, at all stages of its operation.